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Your commuting SWAG just got better with the updated app-enabled Swagger 5 Boost electric commuter scooter. Engineered with an upgraded 300W motor, efficient 37V battery and improved one-click quick folding mechanism, the Swagger 5 Boost is designed to make your commute even easier. This entry-level commuting eScooter handles the daily grind, thanks to 8.5-inch maintenance-free honeycomb tires that will never go flat, and an aluminum alloy frame engineered for maximum resilience. This makes the Swagger 5 Boost durable enough to support riders up to 320 lb.

Track speed, check map routes via GPS, and activate the ultra-bright LED headlight with the tap of a button—all from the SWAGTRON app, available on Android and iOS devices. With three speed modes, the Swagger 5 Boost lets you find your optimal speed limits as you coast around town. And engaging cruise control from the app will let you keep your SWAG steady.

Portability is king with the Swagger 5 Boost. A simple, one-click folding mechanism, along with its light 26-pound weight, provides a quick way to fold and go when you need to SWAG and dash. An integrated speed display, ultra-bright LED headlight and cruise control round out the Swagger 5 Boost’s feature set.



You wanted an easier, faster, better way to get around. And now you have it with the Swagger 7T Transport electric scooter from SWAGTRON®. Engineered from ultra-resilient aircraft-grade aluminum, the Swagger 7T delivers lasting durability on top of user-friendly features built around you, the rider. Powered by a dynamic 350W motor, the Swagger 7T can reach top speeds of 18 MPH with a travel range up to 18.9 miles on a single battery charge. Advanced user-activated options (cruise control, kick-start motor) can increase travel range by 25% and help raise your riding SWAG to new heights.

Your commute will no longer be limited by underperforming batteries. The Swagger 7T’s efficient battery can be quickly charged in just 5 hours. Need extra power now? Keep a second one charged and at the ready. The battery can be removed quickly and easily swapped out with a new battery. And you can charge the battery while attached to or detached from the scooter. This means you can charge it discretely at your office, under your desk.

The honeycomb-style tires provide a “no more flats” riding experience, saving you time and effort on maintenance, while provide solid shock absorption during long commutes. But this eScooter isn’t just for commuters. Anyone who wants a bit of extra SWAG in their lives will benefit from the Swagger 7T Transport’s solid design and user-friendly features. Explore your neighborhood. Run quick errands around town. Or just hit the park with your friends.

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