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Smart eScooters

NIU is the world’s leading provider of smart urban mobility solutions.


NIU has created a new market category–smart electric two-wheeled vehicles and is committed to continuously provide global customers more convenient and more environment friendly smart urban mobility vehicles to redefine urban mobility and make life better. NIU's lifestyle brand promotes Technology, Style, and Freedom.

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NQI-SERIES Smart eScooter

Connected and Smart


Real-time GPS / Anti-theft Alert + Alarm / Real-time diagnostics / Service Station Directory


In a world of connected devices, we asked why are scooters disconnected from the cloud? We set out to change this.


Design & Craftsmanship


Craftsmanship lies at the heart of our industrial design. We believe that our technological innovations are only brought to life when incredible attention is paid to the engineering that lies under the skin of the NQi-Series.


We started with a simple design prerogative to build a well-balanced scooter with attention to a minimal aesthetic. The balance of the scooter is both in its industrial design and its interfaces, like switches and dashboards, that create an exceptional riding experience.




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The newest model in our MQi-Series combines modern style with smart design, and now has space for two. Updated design, easy-to-use controls, built for two riders.


With five colors available, the MQi+ gives you freedom to choose the scooter for your style. Our MQi+ takes the world-class design of the MQi-Series and updated it for two riders. The intelligent LCD dashboard and easy-to-use controls make the MQi+ ideal for your everyday urban commute.


Our all-in-one dashboard provides real-time information on your scooter’s health.


The removable battery allows you to charge your MQi+ any time you have access to any standard power outlet.


The MQi+ has two charging modes and can be fully charged in 7 hours. Equipped with an 18650 power lithium battery, the MQi+ gives you a range of up to 40 miles.



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The NQi GT has three unique driving modes (SPORT, DYNAMIC, and E-SAVE). We have created a scooter that lets you ride faster and further in your city.


Slip through winding city streets or cruise down major boulevards with ease. In SPORT mode, the NQi GT’s top speed is 45 mph, making urban travel faster than ever.


Our German partner BOSCH has provided a specially tailored motor with a nominal power output of 3000w. Get instantaneous acceleration from a standstill.


The NQi GT is equipped with two high-performance lithium-ion batteries that can be removed and charged at any time. The dual 60v35aH battery packs are light and portable, while at the same time provide the power for a range of over 60 miles while riding 45 mph.


In E-SAVE energy-saving mode, the NQi GT's range reaches up to 80 miles, giving you unlimited urban travel options.


The new Smart Dashboard displays different colors for different riding modes, speeds, and vehicle diagnostics to give you a clear picture of how your scooter is performing.

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